Mission Statement

WIRREANDA ON WHEATSHEAF SURGERY is a group of experienced doctors with a common philosophy and commitment to Family Medicine.


They combine the caring aspects of traditional General Practice with the knowledge and skills of modern family medicine. They provide a complete and personal approach to a patient’s medical needs. The doctors recognise that health and illness are influenced by lifestyle (such as nutrition, exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption) and a range of social factors, including relationships with other people.


One of the main objectives of the Practice is to encourage the maintenance of good health in patients through preventive medicine and active health promotion. To do this, the doctors:-


  • Allow sufficient time for consultations.Confer with each other and specialists and other health professionals as indicated.
  • Keep their medical knowledge, skills and practice up to date through continuing medical education.


The Practice will give its patients the best possible treatment, using the most up-to-date and best-proven methods, materials and equipment, emphasising the prevention of disease as a higher ideal than the actual treatment of it.


The Practice believes this is best achieved in a working environment where the patient is recognised as the most important person in the Practice, and where all the people in the Practice work in an ethical and responsible manner, as a team, and with mutual respect for each other’s abilities and functions.